The four most infamous forms of online poker cheating that you should be aware of

Online poker is entirely considered to be secured and safe for everyone, however, there is still rampant cheating among many players that plagues this very popular card game in the online gambling industry.

There are many ways to cheat in online poker, you can either use the multi-accounting scheme, use poker bots, you can do ghosting, and colluding. To find out how these kinds of cheating happen, you should check the rest of this article that will explain all of the types of cheating in online poker in a detailed list below courtesy of poker deposit pulsa xl.

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  1. The multi-accounting scheme– this means that a particular online poker player is accessing in several real money accounts that are playing in a single online poker room. Online poker rooms are prohibiting players to open one or more online poker accounts that uses real money to their site. The main reason for this is that these abusive online poker players are using it for the deposit bonus offerings which they can use later on. This can happen usually in a single online poker room and this has already happened in several tournaments where the player gained an unfair advantage over other players. Getting caught doing this form of cheating is subject for a lifetime ban on the site and you can even be blacklisted to other online poker sites.
  2. Poker bots– These are computer programs which you can play with online poker. One of the most popular online poker bots is the program Polaris made in Canada. This kind of bot was designed to win in all of its online poker cash games against real-life poker pros. The bot uses mathematical analyzation and other algorithm and formulas to figure out the hands of its opponent without having to use a two-hole during the game. According to online gambling experts, there is a huge possibility that poker bots and other gambling bots are now used in minimal limits because its level of play and comprehension in gambling could affect the industry and it can be easily detected as well because of its unnatural way of playing.
  3. Ghosting– This is where an online poker player is conniving with another poker player during a tournament. In real-life poker or live poker, this is completely prohibited knowing that poker is an individual card game, however, this is happening in online poker because of its inability to see if the two online poker players are connected from each other where they can communicate and do ghosting for their own advantage.
  4. Collusion– There are many players they say are afraid of playing online poker because of playing together to tell each of their cards. However, the problem with colluding is that in order for you to become successful in this scheme, you should be a good poker player in the first place. A lot of successful poker players spend a lot of their time improving their game rather than colluding with other players to easily win money and fool other players in a single table. Collusion will not be effective if you are just there to collude and not become a better poker player which totally defeats the bad purpose.

How to play poker

Poker is a game of both luck and skills. In agame of poker, you will find different types of opponents, each being different from one another. It might not always be possible to easily win against your opponents. In such scenarios, you can make use of certain tips. These tips will help you to play soho poker better and win the game.


During the start of the poker game, give your opponents an impression that you are an aggressive player. This tactic may not help you with professional poker players but the newcomers will surely fall for it. Your aggression will make you look like professional players. Your aggression will let the other players allow you to control the game. They will not be looking to go up against you feeling that they might lose. This will only increase your chances of winning.

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Rational Decision Making

Do not lose your cool while playing the game. Try to keep your head as calm as possible. Avoid making decisions based on emotions. Rather look at the ways in which you could win. Focus on your game and do not let your emotions dictate term to you. Keeping a cool head in crucial times will help you to take better decisions which can win you the game.

Fool The Opponent

Another tactic is to look like a beginner. Make some silly but small mistakes in the beginning. Allow your opponents to think that you are a rookie and it is easy to win against you. This will encourage them to bet more money which this is when you show your true capability. This might not be a very professional tactic, but as long as you win, nothing else matters.


These tips are always going to help you. Conversely, you might also find that your opponent is applying the same tactics.