Health services and nursing


If you are searching for nursing as well as a health service, then here you are! The ageing population in the city of Singapore is expanding rapidly,and there are the relevant and also the healthcare professionals who are enough for providing it in the industry of healthcare.

The projections are suggesting that they will be in need about the healthcare professionals in 30,000 number by the year 2020 for matching the growth, which is exponential for people over 610 thousand in the corresponding year.

Be the one to serve

And you also can be one of the professionals in that healthcare industry with the proficiency which is acquired in healthcare.And you can nurse the people for theirexcellent health if you are taking up the nursing courses in Singapore and in the years of the twilight of the support people who are mentally disabled and also you can even save lives of many people.

nursing courses

This nursing and the health services skills suited well for helping you to pursue this career path which is the noble one and offering several and also the programs for ensuring the opportunity for a system which is multiple and available for the students who are taking up this health care services as their path.


In the nursing program which is provided by the university for all students, which is named as the Griffith University is the earliest to be activated by the SNB that is the Singapore nursing board.